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Need hoses & reels for your pressure washer? Turn to Coastal Pressure Washer in Baltimore, Maryland, your resource for trigger guns, high pressure hose, wands, couplers, nozzles and much more. In addition, we have service techs on the road that carry the most commonly needed pressure washer replacement parts, often performing on-site installations.

Coastal Pressure Washer has a full line of accessories for your pressure washer designed to help you clean faster. These include the following popular items:

Hose Reels
Flat Surface Cleaner
Turbo Nozzle
Telescoping Lance
Sandblaster Kits.

For pressure washer parts and accessories, one call does it all! Contact us for pressure washer accessories today!

Turbo Nozzle

Removes tough build-up and grime deeper and faster by using a pencil thin spray rotary pattern to clean more aggressively. These accessories are designed to speed your cleaning, which is not only time saving, but labor saving. 


Introducing the new Hotsy R1 and R2 high-pressure hose. The R1 and R2 hose is built to exceed the EN1829-2 Standard and will provide superior abrasion reistance that will increase the life of the hose. The R1 and R2 hose is rated up to 250°F and is available in 4000, 5000 and 6000 PSI.


The Hotsy dual lance simply out classes the competition. 35” and 48” length to meet UL Standards. Designed specifically for Hotsy to our specifications.


Designed exclusively for Hotsy to meet the demands of the high pressure cleaning professional.

Hose Reels

Affixes to a pressure washer or mount on a wall in a wash bay. Keep your high pressure hose neat and orderly when not in use, and free from accidental damage. Available in fixed or pivot reel designs.


Medium volume hose-end foam gun for diluting and applying foaming chemicals to any surface. Uses standard city water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from the attached bottle and blend it into the water stream.

Telescoping Lance

Attach to your pressure washer to clean tall buildings easily. Lances can extend up to 24 ft. 


Projects water and chemical up to 40′. Chemicals bypass pump, lance, hose and gun for damage protection. Includes 15′ hose with in-line shut-off valve and color-coded proportioners.


Delivers high-pressure performance with low Maintenance for any hot or cold pressure washer. Completely stainless-steel design makes this the toughest surface cleaner available in the pressure-cleaning market.

Flat surface cleaner

Great for cleaning surfaces such as driveways, parking garages and sidewalks. Similar to pushing a lawn mower, a surface cleaner attaches to either a hot or cold water pressure washer, cutting cleaning time and user fatigue dramatically.


Cleans flat surfaces in a fraction of the time a hose would take. Uniformly cleans pool decks, sidewalks, garage floors, etc.


Add hot water cleaning economically! Portable water heater add-on for existing cold water pressure washers. Quick Connect to cold water washer, supply fuel and power to Euro-Heat for hot water cleaning applications – USE ONLY WHEN NEEDED and keep the convenience of the portable cold water washer.

Sandblaster kits

Attach to a pressure washer and can be used to remove paint, corrosion, scale build up and coatings from equipment in no time. 


Ideal for rinsing the undercarriage of cars and trucks. Connect directly to a pressure washer gun or lnace. Lightweight, the underbody wand seembly roll seasily giving the operator a long reach.

Solution # 36 Commercial Grade Flat Surface Cleaner

Solution # 36 was developed to clean larger areas with less time and expense. This rugged cleaner is handcrafted from high grade aluminum making it durable yet light weight for maneuverability and ease of transportation. The dual 18″ rotor arms clean a true 36″ plus path at 2000 rpm at a faster speed than other units with a slower rotating single 36″ bar.

Solution # 48 Commercial Grade Flat Surface Cleaner

Solution # 48 was developed to clean a four foot wide sidewalk in one pass. This rugged cleaner is handcrafted from high grade aluminum making it durable yet light weight for maneuverability and ease of transportation. The dual 24″ rotor arms clean a true 48″ plus path at 2000 rpm.

Solution # 60 Commercial Grade Flat Surface Cleaner

Solution # 60 was developed to clean a five foot wide area in one pass. This rugged cleaner is handcrafted from high grade aluminum making it durable yet light weight for maneuverability and ease of transportation. The dual 30″ rotor arms clean a true 60″ plus path at 2000 rpm.

Trough Solution # 24 Commercial Grade Gutter Cleaner

The Trough Solution was developed with only one task in mind. That was to clean a 24″ wide x 1 1/2″ deep road side water drainage trough (“Miami Gutter”) in one pass of the surface cleaner. A regular surface cleaner is too far away to clean the center. A 19″ cleaner works with two passes plus returning to where you left off. Then there is the wand.
The Trough Solution’s dual 12″ rotor arms spin faster than a 20″ bar so you can move faster. .

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