It’s Z-CAN Pressure Tank.

We are the only power washing sales and service company that offers the renowned “Z-Can”. It is not the Z-pressure washer. It is not the Z-chemical. It the “Z-Can”. Please stop in and ask Tom to demo the famous “Z-Can” for you. The “Z-Can” is more effective than any pressure washer! The Z-Can is durable, stainless with no pumping involved. It dispenses soap, herbicide, insecticide, sealers and much more. The Z-Can will clean everything under the sun. The can makes a cold water machine equivalent to a hot water machine. It saves soap, water and labor and cleans without hot water or brushing. And Remember, Coastal Pressure Washers is a local family-owned business, ready to serve your needs.

Z-Can 3 Gallon 5 Gallon 10 Gallon 15 Gallon
New $220 $250 $400 $450
Reconditioned $150 $160 $275 $325

Z CAN Cleans Everything Under the Sun!

    • Saves Soap, labor, sewage & energy
    • Great for removing mildew, mold, smoke stain or odor.
    • Cleans without Hot water, brushing or mitting.
    • Dispenses soap, herbicide, insecticide, sealers, solvent etc.


    • Do Not over Pressurize.
    • After using High pH or Bleach, YOU MUST RINSE.
    • Do Not Use Acid


    1. 5 gal Cleaning Directions: 0.5 gal of soap, 1.5 gal of water, 60 PSI air.
    2. Directions for removing mildew: 0.5 gal of soap, 0.5 – 1 gal of Bleach, 0.5 – 1 gal of Water, 60 PSI air.

    "Service was great with a fair price. If you're in the cleaning business in Maryland, Zcat is the place to go."

    -Read St. Properties

    "I met Dan a funny guy, but wow he knows his stuff, had my power washer running in 10 min after it sat around in my yard for 3 years. Now it's a show piece for my yard, I should have done a before photo"

    - Tom R.

    "Great shop and a great place to get quality cheap parts and washers."

    - Jake L.

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