Vinyl Brite – (Orange Stuff)

  • 1 Gal.  $15
  • 5 Gal.  $45
  • 55 Gal.  $350

Vinyl Brite used in Z CAN cleans 95% of everything under the sun. Great for house washing, deck cleaning, and a 1 step truck washing. Cleans vinyl, aluminum, red wood, cedar siding.

*Nasty – For Extra Strength: Add $50

Contains Butyl collusive, potassium, hydroxide and 21st century rinse aids.

  • Good – Mix 1-1 when using exit die injector
  • Better – Mix 1.5 gal water to 0.5 gal of Vinyl Brite when brushing or hand mitting.
  • Z Best – Mix 1.5 gal water to 0.5 of Vinyl Brite when using Z CAN Z nebulizer EXTREME

Directions: Rinse off surface to be cleaned – Apply Vinyl Brite via  Z CAN bottom to top. Let sit for 1 minute then clean & rinse.

Mildew Magic Formula: 0.5 gal Vinyl Brite, 0.5 gal bleach, 1 gal water.

Apply to mildew, let stand for 2 minutes, rinse off.

Clean Green – BD-6 – (Green Stuff)

  • 1 Gal.  $15
  • 5 Gal.  $35
  • 55 Gal.  $250

All Purpose Cleaner

Green Stuff, BD-6, All Purpose Cleaner cleans everything under the sun. Cleans engines, white walls, tires, wheels, car interior, rugs, door jams, gutters, bathrooms, rug spots, sneakers, vinyl siding.

A great pre-spray and rug cleaner

  • Mix 1 part water, 1 part green stuff for heavy degreasing
  • Mix 1 part water, 1 part BD-6, 1 part belach to clean and kill mildew
  • Mix 5 part water, 1 part Green Stuff for light duty cleaning car interior

Warning: Contains Butyl cellosoive pH 11

Do not apply concentrate to finely painted surface

Power Brite – (Brown Stuff)

  • 1 Gal.  $10
  • 5 Gal.  $35
  • 55 Gal.  $250

Truck Wash / Deck Wash

Power Brite is a biodegradable industrial cleaner designed to remove soot, road film, oil, grease from trucks, tractors and trailers. Power Brite cleans and brightens aluminum surfaces.

Caution: Do not use on polished or anodized aluminum.

Contains sodium and potassium hydroxide pH13.

Aluminum Brite / AB – (Purple Stuff)

  • 1 Gal.  $20
  • 5 Gal.  $35
  • 55 Gal.  $250


pH 1 – Cleans and sines aluminum, stainless and chrome. AB contains hydrofluoric and phosphoric and sulfuric acids, AB strips away oxidation from painted surfaces, aluminum siding, off of shower walls and car wash walls.

Caution: May etch glass, may burn aluminum or streak glass.

Cherry & Lemmon Foam Car Wash

  • 1 Gal.  $20
  • 5 Gal.  $60
  • 55 Gal.  $350

Non caustic car wash – cleans finely painted surfaces, safe on all surfaces, rinses free.

pH 10+ Great for brush or hand washing.

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